Real Men Wear Scarves

by Jacob Parzych | December 12th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

man in scarf (1280x1280)As the winter months are here, you will finding it necessary to bundle up more and more often.  Sometimes it can be heard to dress up when you are trying to look classy, though.  With its ability to warm you, the scarf has a very important role in any man’s wardrobe.

The scarf has a rich, manly tradition.  It has entrenched itself in the military traditions of many nations.  If you look at photos of military aviators through history, you will frequently find them wearings scarves.  The same can be said of soldiers in desert and cold conditions.  In other societies, scarves have been symbols of rank and stature within society.  Without a doubt, the scarf is manlier than one may think.

With this said, the challenge becomes choosing a scarf that fits.  A man’s scarf is traditionally 70 inches long and 10 inches wide, but this can vary.  Men who are of average height (5’10 to 6′ tall) shouldn’t wear scarves that are less than 60 inches long, while men who are more than 6′ tall should only wear scarves that are 70 inches or longer.  The width does not matter as much, but it should be proportionate to the length of the scarf.

Now that you know what size scarf you’re looking at, you need to make sure that scarves are actually men’s scarves…  Here are some simple giveaways that the scarf you are looking at is a woman’s scarf:

  • It has a flowery print, animal print, or another flashy pattern
  • It is a bright color, like something that you would find in a pack of highlighters
  • There are excessive tassels, pom-poms, or other decorations at the ends
  • The sides have an elaborate fringe (not the ends, the long sides)
  • It is made of  really delicate material, such as silk or lace, and serves not actual value when it is cold
  • Excessively thick knitted scarves
  • Any scarf designed to be worn with a pin (men do not wear scarf pins)
  • It has metal bangles or ornaments

Now that you have found a scarf that fits and is actually designed for men, what colors do you choose?  Generally, it is best to go with solid or striped scarves.  You want to pick colors that accents the outfit, but does not compete with it.  For example, if you’re wearing a dark suit and a red tie, you should wear a red scarf that matches.  Don’t wear something that will clash or distract.

When it comes to tying the scarf, there are a variety of different methods.  Rather than try to hash out an explanation, just take  look at this video explaining multiple different methods.

Scarves are for real men.  Are you a real man?  Get a scarf.

(Photo courtesy of Martin Walls)

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