Refresh an Office Wardrobe

by Lori Sciame | July 17th, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

blazerWorking 40 hours a week in an office, every week, all year, creates the need for a decent wardrobe. For special days, when one must look her very best, she should own at least one suit. For days when out in the field, she will need to look put together, but she must also be dressed comfortably. And on casual Fridays, she must still look professional, even though she is allowed to dress down.

These varied looks can lead to chaos in the closet.  To avoid office wardrobe burnout, take a few hours on a day off to refresh your daily look.  If one follows the tips listed below, she will be surprised how much more confident she will be as she walks out the door in the morning.

You Snooze, You Lose

The first step to a fresh wardrobe surrounds cleaning out the closet. Take time to look at each piece of clothing. If there are any stains, rips, or missing buttons, remove the item immediately.  In an office setting a woman will want to look her best, so clothing in ill repair won’t work.  Another test each piece should pass?  Fitting correctly.  Don’t hang onto favorite slacks that you outgrew two years ago.  At the very least, place too small clothing in a box for storage in another location.  By doing this, a woman will better resist the urge to wear something that doesn’t fit just because she is crunched for time. Finally, remove any piece of clothing that hasn’t been worn in the past year. Chance are, it won’t be worn again.

Next, consider each pair of work shoes. Decide if the heels have become too worn or if the toes have noticeable scuff marks.  By looking at shoes in a leisurely manner, one can spot problems not seen on work days.  Discard or donate shoes that no longer meet office standards, or if made of high quality leather, take them in for repairs.

Exciting Combinations

Another way to refresh an existing wardrobe is to develop new, creative combinations. We all get stuck in a rut, including pairing the same top, with the same pants, with the same scarf, with the same flats.  This leads to a lot of sameness.  Many fashion experts recommend taking a picture in each “new” outfit to help you remember it.  This can be especially helpful when a person’s time to get ready is limited.

One idea: Add a skinny belt to a favorite cardigan (or top) you’ve never cinched before.

Color Pops

An added dash of color can refresh any office wardrobe. Sometimes women shy away from bright colors in an office, as they may seem too flashy; however, small splashes of vivid hues offer vitality and zest to an otherwise tired outfit.  Own a black suit and always pair it with a white shell?  Try lime green or sherbert orange instead.

Final Tip

One doesn’t have to be rich to look her best.  Follow the above tips to keep you looking fashionable and fresh at the office.

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