Retro Cool: Wearing Platform Shoes

by Anna P. | January 10th, 2012 | Shoes

The disco era of the 1970s introduced us to a lot of cool things that still remain in pop culture today: dance music, flared pants, long straight hair for both genders, and platform shoes. Footwear that elevates the entire foot not only looks cool, it also provides more comfort. And these days, the platform trend has gone glam by merging the platform style with the stiletto heel. Read on for some smart shoe styling tips to help you make the most of your favorite platforms.

Dazzle in Denim

Turn your every day look into something more glamorous with a pair of dazzling platforms. The same rule that applies to pairing pumps with jeans also applies to pairing platforms: the hemline of the pants should meet the toe of the shoe. As for choosing the right pair of shoes, there is really no rule on that!

Play with Color

Brightly colored footwear is a fun way to add some flair to your every day wardrobe.  You can wear them with dark blue denim, black dress trousers, khaki pants, or slim skirts in neutral shades.  A bold shoe in a stunning color speaks for itself, so it should never be worn with an outfit in a color that competes.

Make the Most of Espadrilles Sandals

No shoe collection is complete with out a terrific pair of espadrilles! These summer shoes will actually last you three seasons (spring, summer, and early fall). You will enjoy wearing these shoes with lightweight sun dresses and rompers during the warm weather months, but you can easily take these shoes into the cooler months by pairing them with cargo pants or capris.

Make Dressy Sandals a Little Sexier

Everyone loves a spectacular pair of strappy platform sandals because they are a little sexy. You can make them even sexier by styling them with more glam pieces. Forget pairing these shoes with miniskirts and camisoles, try wearing them with dressy trousers and a ruffled silk blouse instead. Add two or three pieces of classic gold or silver pieces of jewelry, and you’re ready for anything!

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