Running Shoes Under $50

by Jessica B. | January 28th, 2015 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

running shoes (400x400)I love to run, and January is a time that many people make a new commitment to running. One of the rookie mistakes many people make is not investing in a good pair of running shoes before getting started. Of all the shoes you buy, running shoes for runners are probably the most important, because without them you may end up with a serious injury. Quality running shoes are expensive, and that puts a lot of new runners off, but there are a few good selections for $50 or less. Remember, before buying a pair of running shoes, get your gait assessed. It won’t matter if you buy new fancy shoes if they are not suited to your gait.

1) New Balance 550 – I love New Balance sneakers. They are comfortable, affordable, and offer great support. I have even bought one model in bulk because it was so comfy and I was afraid they would retire the line. This shoe currently runs for under $40 in some colors; a real bargain. This particular model is made for a regular stride and well suited to the beginner runner.

2) Saucony Ignition 4 – This  sneaker is just under $40, and one of the more supportive shoes on the market today. If you are larger or have a tendency to over pronate, this shoe could help soften your landing. Often shoes with a great deal of padding can feel heavy, but these are rather light and won’t slow you down.

3) ASICS Women’s Gel Contend 2 – This women’s running shoe is under $40, and unlike many of the currently trendy shoes is not overwhelmingly colorful (something I appreciate). There is a built in orthotic to cushion each step. These shoes are developed for beginner runners and they are not ideal for a great deal of mileage.

4) Nike Revolution 2 – These comfortable running shoes are under $50 and come in a variety of colors. They can be used at the gym or out for your run. They are not suited for distance runners, but are great for beginner runners.

5) Reebok Women’s Z Dual Ride Running Shoe – This colorful shoe from Reebok is comfortable and supportive. It is currently priced just under $50, and for long distance for runners with a straightforward stride and no special requirements.

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