S is for Sweater

by Jacob Parzych | January 9th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

sweater (1280x1279)Name some words that start with “S.”  I got a few for you… Sassy, sexy, sweater.  Are those words really related?  No.  I don’t know if sweaters are sassy or sexy, to be honest.  But they are cool.  Sweaters are darn cool.

As a sweater wearing gentleman, I find myself being admired everywhere I go.  People are jealous of my sweaters.  Now, this may confuse you a lot.  “Sweaters are what dads wear…?  Only old guys wear sweaters?  Awkward bosses on sitcoms wear sweaters?”  Well, yes, but the wrong types of sweaters.  The issue is that they do not wear sweaters that look good.

There is a simple list of criteria you need to follow in order to find a sweater that is cool.

  • Make sure that the sweater fits you well.  I see far too many men wearing baggy, loose sweaters.  Your sweater should be snug and look good on you.  Like most shirts, it should fit well and accent your figure.  It should make your muscles look big, especially in the chest, shoulders, and arms.  Even if you are a heavier man, pick a snug sweater.  While it can expose your figure, a baggy sweater will make you look even worse.
  • Select a color that looks good on you and is fun.  For example, I wear blue and green sweaters a lot.  I have kaleidoscope blue eyes, so those color shirts bring my eyes our and even change their color.  If you have a similar feature that pops with the right color, wear a sweater in that color.  If not, just wear something fun.  Alternately, you can pick a boring color and wear a bright shirt under it, but that depends on the shirt you wear as well.
  • If you wear shirts under your sweaters, make sure they coordinate.  I sometimes wear shirts under them, so when I do, the shirt and sweater must match.  Nothing is going to kill the outfit like the sweater and shirt clashing.  If you can, work the tie in as well.
  • Rock the look.  No point in adopting the cool persona of a sweater wearer if you can’t do it well.  Be proud.  Otherwise, you are just some boring guy in a sweater.  A sweater is not just a piece of clothing.  It is a lifestyle choice.  Wear it proudly.

Want to be the coolest dude at the next party you go to?  Wear a sweater.  You’ll be cool.  I guarantee it.

 (Photo courtesy of Jean Scheijen)

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