Sam’s Suggestion on Easy Updos

by Sam P. | September 29th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

girl with updo (400x400)School is in action and I already find myself hitting the snooze button.  A lot.  When I am running late, I have a few signature hairstyles I rely on to make myself look a bit more put together.

The first is the typical messy bun.  I pull my hair through the pony tail, twist the ponytail, and then pull my hair halfway through.  The ends that are sticking about and aren’t in the loop I grab and twist around the ponytail.  Then I wrap the ponytail around it two more times so it is snug and secure.  Then just twist, pull, and tuck where you need for the perfect messy bun.

The next is just a typical pony.  Middle, low, or high is up to your preference.  I stick to high ponies because I am still growing my bangs out so I like to keep them in my ponytail.

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