Sam’s Suggestions on Beach Day Essentials

by Sam P. | June 9th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

girl at beach (400x400)Every teenage girl out there wants the perfect tan.  But that doesn’t mean you can skip the sunblock at the beach.  It doesn’t matter how much of a base tan you already have, sunblock is an essential.  Even ignoring the ever painful sunburn, you also have skin cancer to worry about.

Another essential is a cover up.  Whether it is an old button down of your boyfriend’s or a cute sundress, your skin needs a break now and then, so bring something to cover it.  This also comes in handy if you start to burn.

Hair ties, chapstick, and aloe lotion are other essentials.  The hair tie to manage your mane after you get too much salt in it.  The chapstick to keep your soft pout soft, and aloe because if you do burn you want to start treating it as soon as possible.

Also, a book provides great fun when tanning, and a ball is fun to toss around with your friends.

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