Sam’s Suggestions on Prom, Part 2

by Sam P. | April 28th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

makeup artist (400x400)Prom is approximately a month away which means we are down to the wire. If you are getting your hair, nails, or makeup done you should either have scheduled your appointment by now or do so within the next week. If you are a junior or a sophomore, I would suggest avoiding getting things like that done for you. As a senior it may be worth the splurge, but if not, it can get quite expensive. Find a friend of yours  that is good with nails, hair, makeup, etc. and ask them to do it for you. Offer to pay them a few bucks or supply the things necessary. You are bound to have at least one friend who can help you out with this.

You should also have shoes and accessories purchased by now. If you can’t seem to find the right pair or the right necklace, take to a friend’s closet and ravage though it. Chances are your friend may be able to help you out and let you borrow shoes or whatever else you need.

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