When Is It OK to Wear White Pants?

by Sam P. | April 28th, 2016 | Sam's Suggestions

white pants (400x400)Lots of people used to say, and still do, that you can’t wear white pants before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, but I find that a very outdated rule.  Once it hits about April, and if the weather is good, I think it is acceptable to wear white pants.  They tend to be more lightweight so you aren’t smothering yourself in the nice weather, plus they just look better.  The spring is all about nice weather and pretty colors, and who wants to ruin that with a pair of dark heavy jeans.  I think you should be able to wear white jeans by Easter, but only weather permitting.  If it is only 50 degrees out, and dark and cloudy, white jeans just don’t match the tone, but if it is 60 or above, and nice and sunny out, it is perfectly okay to wear white jeans.

I think that if the weather is like that where you are it is too good to pass up.  Throw on some white skinnies, roll them up, if your please, and wear some bright springy colors.  It just sets a nice tone for the great spring weather.

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