Save Money This Mother’s Day

by Erin Steiner | May 10th, 2008 | Women's Fashion

While everyone would love to show his or her mom just how special she is with expensive gifts or meals out, not everybody has the budget for it. Here are a few ways to save a lot of money on Mom’s special day!

1.  Cook– Instead of a dinner out, go to the grocery store and buy some lunch food. Take your Mom on an afternoon picnic! She will love the excuse to get out of the house and not have to cook! If you are running low on funds, make dinner from ingredients you already have around the house! Better yet, make all of the meals on Mother’s Day.

2. Free baby-sitting While moms love their kids, they need some “Mom” time every once in a while. One of the reasons that moms have so little “Mom” time is that child care is so expensive and finding a reliable and trustworthy baby sitter is often a nerve wracking experience. Give your favorite mom some baby-sitting time, so that she can get out of the house without having to feel guilty about spending money on child care!

3. Maid Service You’d probably love to buy this for your mom, but why not donate your time instead? Spend a few of your Saturdays doing the weekly chores for her. She will love that you care enough about her and the house. (After all, how many times do you hear her complaining that nobody notices all the work she does to keep the house clean?) In addition to giving her some “time off” you might also gain some appreciation for just what she encounters when she cleans the bathroom.

Mother’s Day is about appreciating Mom. This doesn’t have to mean showering her with expensive gifts; it is more about showing your mom that you notice and care about her!

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