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by Joe Lawrence | May 4th, 2010 | Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints

“Joe, guess how much I saved?!”  These are the words spoken to me right before this grown man starts to cry.  My wife will go shopping and then lead the presentation of goods to me with that phrase.  My thought is usually simple, if you come home with bags and less money in the bank account, we didn’t save anything.  However, this time it was true.  She has been talking to her friends about a way they have been saving money, and it makes a great deal of sense and actually keeps money right there in the account.  I am all ears now.

We all have seen the commercials for Magic Jack.  It is a device you connect to your computer and run your phone line from.  For a small yearly fee, you are able to have a landline and all the perks you are used to without all the overhead.

The Magic Jack was just under $40 from Best Buy.  The yearly fee is only $24.95.  The quality of service is fantastic.  The savings per year are INSANE!  Let’s look at some numbers.  Most people pay between $30 and $50 a month for phone service.  We do this for our home alarm system and the convenience of having a land line.

I have wanted to get rid of my phone forever, but most VoIP companies, like Vonage, do not allow you to call 9-1-1.  Obviously, that is one number I want to work, and there is no way I will remove the alarm system from my home.  So, we were stuck.  That is $36o a year plus for peace of mind.  The cost was worth it to me.

Thankfully, $40 plus $24.95 is just a little more than the cost of two months’ service.  To make it even better is that next year I don’t have to buy any more equipment.  I just pay the yearly fee.  For the first year it is $5.41 per month, and each additional year it is $2.08 per month.

This covers unlimited long distance.  With my job, I find myself in some peculiar countries, and this surely will keep me in touch with the family.

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