Saving on Skincare: Use Your Products Correctly

by Cricket Webber | October 23rd, 2015 | Beauty Products, Women's Beauty

skincare (400x400)Have you ever looked at your skincare routine and wondered how you could improve it without spending a ton of money? The thing is, you’re probably using one or more of your existing products wrong or at least mildly incorrectly. When you use your skincare products the way that they should be used, then they’ll do a better job for you without having to spend an extra cent.


By the time you’re cleaning your face at the end of the day, you probably just want to get to bed or get dinner started or hit your latest binge watch on Netflix. You don’t have the patience to do much with your cleanser beyond just slapping it on your face, making sure most of your makeup is gone, and then getting rinsed. The thing is, you’re shortchanging your cleanser when you rush through the process.

Use warm water and make sure that you leave the cleanser on your skin for at least a minute. This gives the active ingredients time to do what they’re there to do. After you’ve gently worked the cleanser around your face for longer than a minute, rinse gently with warm water. Take the time to relax a bit or even meditate. You need that time to decompress and your cleanser needs that time to actually clean.


Toners help to exfoliate your skin and tighten your pores after cleansing. You don’t have to rub your skin with the toner to make the exfoliation happen, but many people think that rubbing a cloth or cotton pad with toner on it helps to remove more skin cells. Instead, place a small amount of toner onto a cloth or cotton pad and dab the toner onto your skin. If your skin is combination or dry you may only want the toner in certain spots. Let the toner dry completely before moving on to moisturizing.

Serums and Lotions

No matter what type of serum or lotion you’re using, you’re likely using too much. It’s a common human belief: If a little bit is good, then a little more is even better. Try using just a few drops of your favorite serum and less than a dime-sized amount of lotion when applying it to your face. With serums, dab them onto your skin gently. Apply lotions using upward strokes to avoid dragging your skin down. Let your moisturizer dry completely before applying any makeup or other skin treatments.

And there you have it. Just by tweaking how you use your products, you’ll get much better results and you won’t have to spend a single cent more. You’ll probably even save money, because you’ll use your existing products more effectively.

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