Scarves for Men

by Mackenzie M. | April 3rd, 2013 | Men's Shopping

tartanWhile it seems that many American men are appalled at the thought of wearing scarves for the sole purpose of fashion, this functional accessory has been a part of man’s wardrobe for nearly 2000 years. From ancient socialites to soldiers in WWII, men have worn scarves for both fashion and function for thousands of years. In 2013, scarves for men are even more popular than they have been in decades. From the most upscale designers, to fast fashion retailers, to consignment shops, retailers everywhere are selling all kinds of varieties of scarves. In order to pick up the perfect men’s scarf, follow the tips below.

Function versus Fashion. Men outside of the larger metropolises seem to only wear scarves when the weather turns frigid; however, scarves can be both functional and fashionable. On beautifully crisp spring days, a light scarf can be paired with a t-shirt to complete a dashing spring outfit. The scarf will ward off the cool breeze, and the correct pairing of colors will send the message that you keep up with the latest trends. M favorite spring pairing is a lightweight scarf with a button down white shirt and a pair of jeans or khakis. Outfits like this are not only fashionable, but they can also function as dressy for work or for a night out on the town. Remember when purchasing a scarf try to find one that will keep you warm, but that will also match several outfits.

Gendered Scarves. It is no secret that some scarves are designed for women and some for men. Some stores, such as UNIQLO and H&M, often put all of the scarves on one rack without differentiating between those of men or for women. Some fashion critics will say that differences in the scarves will signal which gender they are made for. For example, animal prints, magentas, and scarves with pins are designed for women. For the conservative male shopper, this is true. Try to avoid bright colors or loud patterns. Many scarves are on the cusp. For those with a little more liberal fashion sense, try to pair a bright colored scarf with a white shirt. For a little extra flair, get a scarf with extra fringes or an interesting design. When choosing a scarf, do not worry about what gender it was supposedly designed for. Instead, pick one that looks good to you and will match with your wardrobe.

Execution. Many men seem to encounter problems with the actual act of wearing the scarf. I remember my first time wearing a scarf, I felt uncomfortable and weighed down. Don’t give up, as over time your body and style sense will adjust to the new addition. There are several ways to tie a scarf, such as the knot in front or around the neck. Remember that scarves should always be kept loose. Scarves that are too tight will be quite uncomfortable and will look awkward. Have a guy friend that already wears scarves? Ask him how to secure the scarf as well as to give you style tips.

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