Scarves: Teen Ideas

by Sam P. | March 19th, 2013 | Teen Fashion

snoodI love scarves, I really do.  They are so versatile and can really pull together an outfit.  I have actually gone so far as to base a whole entire outfit off of just a scarf.  I also love how many patterns they can have.  They don’t have to be the basic one shade scarf.  You can wear a plaid one, a polka dot one, or even one with random shapes on it.  There are also “tube” scarves that are just a giant circle of the material that you wrap around your neck so you don’t have to have the dangling arm like ends.

Let’s talk patterns and outfits. With the right amount of colors in a scarf, you can base a whole outfit around it.  Imagine this, a sea foam green tube scarf with metallic-y pink strands being run through it.  Add in a few cream stripes in the opposite direction for a plaid effect.  And maybe some bright blue strands being strung through in the same direction as the pink ones.  Try to picture the blue and pink as though metallic-y sort of thread thing, almost plastic seeming… I don’t believe this sort of string really has a name to it.  It has now been dubbed as the “metal strands” in the scarf. Anyways, you could take this scarf and wear it with cream skinnies, and a pink or blue shirt.  There, you just created an outfit off of a scarf.

If you want to base an outfit off of a scarf you want it to incorporate almost all of the colors in the outfit.  If you are wearing it with jeans, a blue jean shade is not necessary.  And you can do this with any pattern.  You can wear a pink, purple, and black checkered scarf with black jeans, a pink Cami, and a purple cardigan and have a killer outfit.  Be creative with the patterns too.

Length is also a topic of discussion I would like to go over.  You want to be able to wrap your scarf around your neck (having both the arms at the same length) and have the arms reach your hips at the longest.  If they get any longer, they become cumbersome.  Obviously this excludes tube scarves.  The shortest you want is for the arms to be at, excuse me for lack of better terminology, bra height.

Lastly, in a dire situation, they can be transformed into a belt.  Probably my least favorite use for them, but sometimes you get in that situation where you have a stain that you need to cover, and you don’t have a sweatshirt to wrap around your waist.

If you have a scarf that is too short, you can fold it in half, and tie it around your head for a 60’s mod fashioned headband sort of look.  I thoroughly love this look.  In fact I wear it quite often.

With all this being said, you should be rocking scarves without a second guess.

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