Sephora’s Dior Show Mascara

by Delaney M. | May 29th, 2012 | Bargains of the Week

Normally when shopping for make-up, women tend to love the expensive stuff, but in reality, they cannot afford to spend that much money on beauty products. This is why the popular make-up store, Sephora, always has good deals on specially chosen items. This week, they have a great, bargain buy for Dior Show mascara.

It can be purchased in all shades from blackest black, to light brown. Dior Show mascara is a cult favorite, and it will give you catwalk length lashes.

You get a free bottle of Dior Show mascara when you purchase only $25 worth of items. This mascara’s original price is a little pricier alone than the $25 you will have to spend in order to get it; therefore, you are getting a major deal getting it for free with cheaper make-up items than splurging on one, single tube of mascara.

Checking online for deals on your favorite beauty products can save you a ton of money while still getting the desired product. This is why I highly recommend this week’s bargain, Dior Show Mascara at Sephora.

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