Sexy Leg Warmers

by Lori Sciame | December 19th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

If a woman has great legs, there’s one fashion accessory that can help to show them off – leg warmers.  Used by dancers to keep muscles warm and injury-free during practice sessions, leg warmers have morphed into one of today’s hottest trends.  Think beyond the standard pink and white cable knit varieties to colors and designs of all types.

Maybe a woman who rocks leg warmers for a style statement doesn’t intend to capitalize on their warmth like a dancer does, but the sexy sparks this accessory throws off will be sure to grab everyone’s attention!

Stars and Leg Warmers

Kim Kardashian has embraced this trend, helping to make it hot. She’s been spotted in retro-yellow and creme-colored leg warmers. J Lo also loves the sexy look of leg warmers, so much so, that she’s worn them in her music videos, and Britney Spears has chosen the faux fur ones. Look through any star-studded magazine, and there’s pictures galore of those hot in Hollywood showing off a little leg with the addition of leg warmers.

Designers and Leg Warmers

Betsey Johnson, an American fashion designer, has helped to bring leg warmers back into vogue with her unique versions.  Her chunky, knit button-up style would look great on a woman who wants to relax in front of the fire at the ski lodge, and her cashmere leg warmers would look simply sweet when paired with a whimsical shift dress.  Kenneth Cole, on the other hand, gives the leg warmer a dramatic edge.  His Fur-Gotten leg warmers can be worn over boots to amp up a woman’s sexiness to a fever pitch. Made of black calf hair, these warmers aren’t meant for a wallflower! (Priced at $150.00, they aren’t for a money conscious diva either!)

You and Leg Warmers

As with most fashion trends, this accessory has been made available to the masses at a reasonable cost.  Check out Charming Charlies for their Fur and Knit version available for only $9.99. Made of brown cable knit and capped with fuzzy fur, these leg warmers would look super cute with leggings. They also have Lively Beaded Leg warmers in four hot colors (red, black, gray, white) that could be paired with pumps or ankle boots.  At only $4.99, they’re an affordable way to incorporate this accessory into any style arsenal.

Three Fast Leg Warmer Facts

1.  Leg warmers were originally used by dancers to keep their legs warm during grueling practice sessions. This helped to avoid injury.

2. Olivia Newton-John helped to popularize the leg warmer in the 1980’s with her video for the song, Let’s Get Physical. (Men went crazy over her!)  

3.  In 2012, leg warmers need not be about warmth…now a must-have fashion accessory, they can be worn to better accentuate a woman’s leg, much like today’s fashion gloves do for the hands.

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