Sharp Scarves at Low Prices

by Lori Sciame | December 9th, 2011 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Do you want to make a statement this winter? Of course! Then by all means, purchase one of the hottest fashion accessories today – a scarf. The variety of scarves available seems endless, with colors ranging from virgin white to jewel blue, and with patterns from sassy stripes to delicate flowers. With all the reasonably priced choices available, maybe you’ll want to invest in several. Read on to find out where to purchase this fun and affordable accessory.

H & M
Always at the forefront of fashion, H & M doesn’t disappoint when it comes to scarves – they have plenty. One in particular caught my eye, a faux fur scarf in hot pink. Not for a shy wallflower, this scarf would attract a lot of attention when paired with a black sweater or coat. And the best part? It’s only $18.00.

This store’s motto, “Never pay full price for fabulous” extends to the must-have scarf. They have solids and patterns available at a fraction of the price you’d pay at a boutique. Some shoppers have also reported they were able to snag Badgley Mischka scarves there for the past several months. With the sheer amount of inventory they carry, a scarf shopping trip would definitely turn out well for you.

Although a midwest staple, many across the country do not know about this company. Thank goodness they now sell their goods online. A favorite scarf of mine (that thankfully they still offer) is their “wavy sequin soft touch muffler.” Since it consists of a neutral color that’s been infused with sequins, it adds a special touch to any outfit. For only $16.99 plus s/h, this accessory would help your wardrobe pop.

OK…your grandmother’s house isn’t usually thought of as a place to buy a hot fashion accessory, but if you play your cards right, you might convince her to knit you one! There are dozens of patterns available online for up-to-the-minute scarves, and most can be completed in a relatively short time. Believe me. Grandma would be proud that you actually WANT something she can craft for you.

As you can see, scarves do not merely keep a woman on the go warm; they make fashion statements as well. Plan to expand your collection, so that you can take part in one of the hottest trends this winter.

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