Shoe Essentials and Accessories You Need

by Anna P. | July 16th, 2014 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

womens feet (400x400)If you love shoes and treasure your impressive collection of heels, you’ve probably experienced the perils of wearing heels. No matter how beautiful your new pair of three inch stilettos may be, you may find yourself in immense pain wearing them for long periods of time. The good news? There are lots of foot care products to prevent and alleviate foot problems. Read on a list for great products like foot insole cushions, specially designed knee socks, and more. Wearing fabulous shoes should not mean you have to suffer from foot issues.

1- DreamWalk by Dr. Scholls

No need to sacrifice your comfort over a great pair of heels! Now you can have the best of both worlds with DreamWalk by Dr. Scholls inserts. There are several products in this lineup to choose from including High Heel Insoles, Comfort Insoles, Ball of Foot Cushions, and Hidden Arch Supports. The High Heel Insoles were designed specifically for heels measuring 2 inches or higher. These inserts were made with a soft gel arch to keep pressure of the ball of the foot and soft wicking fabric to keep feet dry. The Ball of Foot Cushions were made to prevent pain in the ball of the foot. It is a small cushion that offers comfort and absorbs shock. It also has adhesive to prevent it from sliding out. Comfort insoles and Hidden Arch Support also address specific issues and provide comfort.

2- Keysocks No Show Knee Socks

If you want to protect your feet while wearing stylish pumps or flats, this is the solution for you.  Keysocks No Show Knee Socks feature a large cut-out design at the top of the foot to keep the socks out of sight. The knee-high design can be worn underneath your favorite jeans or pants to prevent callouses, blisters, and other foot issues. These socks were constructed from a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex for pure comfort.  When the temperatures start to drop, the socks Coolmax technology will keep your feet warm regardless of the weather. This stylish pair of knee socks also happen to come in your choice of three classic hues including brown, nude, and black.

3- Heel To Toe Foot Rasp With Smoothing File

Taking care of your feet should be a priority whether you wear three inch heels or not. The Heel To Toe Foot Rasp with Smoothing File makes it easy to clean feet. This includes a sanitizable foot file that collects debris for easier clean-up and ergonomic handle for comfort. It also comes with additional attachments to complete the pedicure experience. Using these tools on your feet several times a week will make your feet look and feel healthier. This kit is complete.

4- The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Cream

Treat your feet at the end of the day with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Cream. This amazing product was enriched with Community Trade peppermint oil, menthol, and grape extract to cool your feet while gently exfoliating the skin. This also combats odor.


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