Shoe Trends For Your Age Range

by Anna P. | September 6th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

shoeThe more we age, the more life changes. Our priorties shift, our interests deepen, and our taste in style differs. When you’re in your teens and twenties, you may be more into platforms and stiletto heels. Once you enter your thirties and fourties, you may prefer flats and covered platforms instead. The evolution of changes doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll go from trendy to classic within a matter of decades. What this does mean however is that you may want to re-consider the way you shop for shoes and how you will grow your collection. Read on for top styling tops.

Teens to 20s

When it comes to footwear, young women want to stay current and trendy. This is why she’s not afraid to try out different footwear styles before settling on a few particular styles she loves. Now is the time to try everything including stiletto heels, edgy platforms, ballet flats, and the currently popular sneaker wedges. If you love bold colors, you’ll want to invest in a few pairs of kicks in fun colors like blue, yellow, or red. Now is the time to live it up with your footwear choices.

30s to 40s

By now, you’ve grown into your own sense of style. You know what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly what you like. You’ve probably accumulated a collection of effortlessly chic pumps, flats, and boots by now. Remember that just because your sense of style has matured over the last decade or so doesn’t mean you can try trends. Feel free to test out a few of-the-moment styles, just remember to stay true to your style. Haute trends to consider include ankle boots, peep-toe pumps, and strappy stilettos.

50s and up

True style doesn’t have an age, and fabulous shoes are for every woman. By now, you may find it harder or less appealing to wear heels but that doesn’t mean you should confine yourself to a lifetime of flats. Why not opt for low-heeled shoes or kitten heels? These styles will elevate your height and help you remain stylish. However, if you truly love flats and cannot imagine wearing any other shoe right now, by all means stock up on styles you love. One style tip to keep in mind: steer clear from overly youthful ballet flats for pointy-toed styles that look more sophisticated.

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