Shoes Every Fashionista Needs

by Anna P. | December 13th, 2011 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

If you’re like most women, you know that shoes play an important part in every day style. We all love footwear, but most of us don’t have the extra money or closet space to heavily expand our footwear collections. Instead, we should keep our focus on the shoes that make you look fabulous.

1- Flats

Every woman needs at least one pair of every day flats, even if she is the type of fashionista that insists on wearing high heels seven days a week. Trust me on this one, there will be days that you have to wear shoes with flat heels, so it just makes total sense that you have a pair or two on hand. Repetto and Tory Burch are two designers that make fabulous pairs of flats that you will want to wear.

2- Platform Heels

Yes, platform heels are trendy right now, and you know you’re going to wear them! Make sure you have at least two pairs of platforms: one simple pair for day, and one dazzling pair for night. These shoes look great with everything from jeans, to dresses, and even shorts!

3- Cowgirl Boots

Boots are fun, and cowgirl boots are even cooler because they add an element of the wild west to your look. That said, there is no need to go all out western (unless that’s what you want) when you wear the boots. Skip the all-denim look, and wear your shoes with a printed sundress or a v-neck tee with cutoffs instead.

4- Stiletto Sandals

Evenings call for special shoes. Parties and date nights provide the perfect excuse to bring out your sexiest pair of heels. We’re talking about shoes with jeweled details, studs, bows, or sequins. If it’s a pair of shoes that you couldn’t wear to the office, they’re perfect for evening!

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