Shoes for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. | June 30th, 2015 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

converse (400x400)Most people check the weather, see a sweltering 90 degrees for next week, and rush out to buy a pair of flip flops.  Now flip flops are great, but they won’t necessarily keep your feet cooler than any other shoe will.  In fact, your feet may even just get dirty and overheated in flip flops.  Now flips flops certainly are a summer necessity, but they aren’t the only shoe you want to have in your wardrobe.

Flip flops are great for beach days and just lounging around, but if you are going to be out and about, you may want to consider some other shoe options.  Your basic sandal is another great option, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something with more structure than a flip flop.  You may find it more comfortable than a flimsy piece of rubber that is constantly falling off your feet.  A gladiator sandal is superb, especially for high activity days because there is no way it falls off your foot, and it can even give your feet more support.

Shockingly, a closed toed shoes may actually keep your feet the coolest.  It seems redundant, cover your foot more to cool it down.  But actually, by wearing a pair of converse or flats your feet won’t be as overheated.  It will keep them out of the sun, which will keep their temperature down.  Covering your feet up will also keep them from getting all dirty.  This will keep them cooler as well.  And converse look cute with everything.  If you are worried about that awkward ankle tan line (trust me, I get it, #tracklife) don’t wear closed foot shoes every day.  Just keep them for the hottest summer days.

Of course, this will make your shoes stinky.  I mean feet never smell good, but in the hot summer heat…  If you are going over a friend’s house, or a guy’s house especially, and you know there’s even a chance of you taking your shoes off, wear sandals.  You never want to risk taking your shoes off and having a cloud of foot stench follow you around for the next hour.  Can you say embarrassing?  Of course wearing socks with your converse will help with the actual smell in your shoe, but nothing will help your feet.  Unless you know you won’t be taking your shoes off, wear sandals.  But on days where you will be out and about all day long, go crazy with the converse.

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