Shoes for the Summer

by Jacob Parzych | April 24th, 2014 | Men's Shopping

sneakers (400x400)As the sun finally shines and the snow melts away, it is finally time to start preparing for summer.  The warmer months fast approach and one must be prepared.  Although anyone can handle the basics: shorts, t-shirts, rolled-up sleeves, etc., the shoes can be a challenge.  What is the right to shoe to wear?  And how do I wear it?

  • Boat shoes.  Personally, I love boat shoes.  They are exceptionally comfortable, they can be worn with a lot of outfits, and vary considerably in style.  While they are traditionally dark brown, there are many other varieties available.  Personally, I have a pair that are navy blue, with bright orange laces and an orange sole.  There other varieties available with similarly flashy colors, such as lime green and red.  Because of the wide range of colors and styles, they can be worn with anything from old running shorts to nice khakis.  They work with almost anything.  Also, they can be worn with or without socks.  If you do wear them with socks, I recommend white socks.
  • Running sneakers.  While this isn’t the dressiest option available, they work depending on the setting.  I would refrain from wearing sneakers into a work setting, but they can be worn for just about anything else.  Also, as you probably have noticed, wearing longer socks (ala basketball socks) with sneakers is back, just stick to simple patters and colors.
  • Sandals.  I personally am not big on sandals, but that is up to you.  The issue is that most options end up making you look fairly dumb, in my opinion.  I do not really like Birkenstocks, Tevas, or any variety of “activity sandal.”  In reality, the only sandals I wear are slip-on sports sandals for when I’m going to workout, the beach, or other activities.  So, in the end, your sandal choices are up to you.  Just don’t wear them in public.
  • Wingtips.  While I would argue that wingtips are great all-year-long, they really are a summer shoe.  There is something about their flashy style, especially if they are colorful.  While Oxfords and other dress shoes look good, the color of wingtips really brings out the summertime atmosphere.  Also, like boat shoes, they are a good option with a variety of outfits, from khakis to a suit.

As summer comes about, so must your shoe choices.  Just remember to update your fashion for the new season.



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