Shoes of the Fall 2014

by Sam P. | September 9th, 2014 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

fall bootsThis fall straps are very much in fashion.  From the catwalk to the school hallway, straps are everywhere.  From strappy sandals for the last warm days of fall, to strappy heels, to even strappy boots.  Boots are quite in fashion, as well.  Boots pop up every fall and winter, of course, but always in different styles.

On the warmer days on fall, I suggest rocking a pair of strappy sandals, like a gladiator sandal.  They looks great in metallic shades, like gold and silver.  They look cute with both jeans and shorts, not to mention skirts and dresses too.  If you’re looking for a dressier version of the strappy look, go for a strappy heel, like a slingback or a heel with an ankle strap.

On the chillier days, boots always look cute.  From ankle booties, to combat boots, to knee boots, they are all stylish.  Combat boots have been in season for the past few seasons and look great on everyone, folded down and laced up.  As for ankle booties, they haven’t been in style as long a combat boots, but they are a reoccurring shoe that I adore.  They look great with everything and on everyone.  Whether you get ones with a cute heel, that lace up, or plain ones they are fantastic with everything.  You can match them with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it.  They come in all different styles and colors, as well.  My favorite look is brown ankle booties that have a small heel and lace up in the front ever so slightly.  I also like black ankle booties with a buckle on the side, once again with a small heel.  Knee high boots were starting to wiggle their way into the hot looks last year, and seem to have made a break through this fall.  I have also heard them referred to as riding boots and they are so cute and comfy.  They look adorable over jeans or leggings, with leg warmers popping out from the top of them.  They give a cute, preppy look to your boring old boots.

Out of all the shoes my favorite is the combat boot, not only do they look great, they are the most versatile.  You can wear them with leggings, jeans, skirts, even shorts.  You can pull off a grunge look, which is very in this fall, or wear them with floral to edge up a girly dress.  You can go to school with them in jeans, and when you come home switch into a pair of jean shorts if you get hot and still have a great outfit.

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