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by Lori Sciame | October 25th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

clothing racksKeeping up with the latest clothing trends can be expensive.  For instance, designer jeans can cost well over $300 alone.  Most American women do not have the funds to acquire a wardrobe valued in the thousands of dollars, yet they still want to look up to the minute.  The good news is that there are stores that offer trendy items at reasonable prices.  Instead of lamenting that you cannot afford today’s hottest designers, realize that you can find cheap trendy clothing at the local mall.

Kohl’s Department store has diligently worked to bring trends (at bargain prices) to American women.  Designers such as Daisy Fuentes, Vera Wang, and Lauren Conrad all have lines of clothing aimed at the saavy Kohl’s shopper.  For just a few hundred dollars, a woman can purchase several stunning pieces  of casual or work clothing. Also keep in mind that Kohl’s offers discounts each weekend, and if one uses a credit card to make a purchase, an additional discount is given.

H & M is another mall tenant that provides trendy items for rock bottom prices.  For example, last weekend they featured fitted blouses in deep jewel tones for only $7.00.  Even if a woman doesn’t look for the sale items, she can still purchase trendy pieces for the fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.   Another positive about H & M is that they not only offer a trendy item in one version, they offer many unique takes.  The hi low sweater is a perfect example.  Dozens of choices, suitable  for a variety of body types, hang from the racks.

If one is looking for fashions for the teen or early twenty somethings, then Windsor should be investigated.  Although the store in my area of the country is tiny, it is jam packed with fresh clothing trends to delight the young set.  Shop Windsor for flashy homecoming and prom dresses, club wear, and accessories.  On a recent visit, my daughter found two shirts appropriate for work, and two shirts to wear to class at college, all totaling under $100.00.  They even have parachute pants and body suits!

You may also wish to give an old standby a try: JC Penney. This long established company has had major loss of business over the past decade.  In fact, it has went through another major overhaul in just the last year.  This upheaval can be a bonus for the shopper.  Since they want to lure old customers back, as well as establish a new relationship with younger people, they have slashed prices while offering top quality merchandise.  Even better news? Sales are back!

As you can see, shopping at the local mall may be the answer to finding unique clothing pieces at excellent prices.  Try any one of the stores listed above for cheap trendy clothing for all tastes and all ages.  A final smart shopping tip: compare the prices on a “generic” item, such as a white blouse, at each of the four stores.  This will help you find the best deal!

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