Shopping a Market

by Anna P. | May 25th, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

The modern grocery store has many conveniences like a deli, bakery, florist, and pharmacy. What the modern grocery store doesn’t have is superior customer service and knowledgeable employees who know a lot about the goods they are selling. That’s why shopping a market has so much appeal. Whether it’s a local farmers market or a large city market, you know you’re getting a better selection of produce and food. Oftentimes, you’ll find  a market that specializes in organic or gourmet goods.  Of course, there are a few tips and ideas that will help maximize your market shopping experience. Read below to find out more!

1- Go Often And Befriend The Sellers

Unlike a typical supermarket chain, a local market is part of the community. Next time you shop your favorite market, why not make a little small talk with the farmers and sellers? This will not only enhance your shopping experience in a social way, but it can build a positive relationship that might include perks (like freebies or special discounts).  Go at least once a week.

2- Know Your Produce And Products

The farmers and sellers can better assist you if you have a specific thing in mind. This same knowledge will also help you shop smarter in general.

3- Shop During Off-Peak Hours

Weekends are never the best time to shop anywhere, so try to go mid-week if you can. Check your local market’s website for more info on the hours.

4- Bring Your Own Canvas Bags

Save some trees and bring your own bags! Most individual sellers won’t bag your produce anyway.

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