Shopping At The Cosmetics Counter

by Anna P. | June 11th, 2009 | Fashion

picAs soon as you walk in a upscale department store they bombard you with perfume samples and free gifts that  are supposed to entice you to buy their latest lipstick. But what if you really want to try some of their more expensive skin care creams and luxurious fragrances? How do you approach them to make a smart decision?  It would be a good idea to gather some knowledge about beauty products that are truly worth your money. Here are some facts to know about beauty products.

When it comes to skin care and anti-aging products, you truly might be tempted to buy something from the counter. But before you chuck down a wad of cash for that $50 cream, test out cheaper versions at the drug store, many of Olay’s products work the same at half the price. It also would be wise to ask your dermatologist about what she/he would recommend and what to avoid. A lot of skin care products can cause irritation.

Expensive isn’t always better, and Lancome doesn’t always trump Max Factor. A lot of the more pricey versions of certain cosmetics (like lipstick and eye shadows) may contain more pigment that makes a shade seem richer in color, but that is not always true. Plus, many of the cosmetics that they sell are in trendy shades and will be chucked in a season. Who wants to spend $30 on a nail color that only lasts three months?  However, if you find a certain expensive brand truly worthwhile, then it’s okay to stick with it.

What products are the best to buy at a cosmetics counter? I prefer designer fragrances, and SPF lotions. It’s okay to browse and test products but don’t be fooled by certain sale tactics that they may try to use to ploy you into buying something. And a lot of these sales people aren’t always very honest when it comes to answering your beauty questions. It’s best to research the products yourself before you actually buy the product.

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