Shopping at TOPMAN

by Mackenzie M. | January 12th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

One upscale store in the world of men’s fashion is the British mega-brand TOPMAN, which is the men’s version of the popular TOPSHOP. While walking the Magnificent Mile in Chicago on New Year’s Eve, I ventured into TOPMAN for the first time. Overwhelmed by the fashionable workers and their condescending looks and blatant superiority complexes, I made a rushed exit in less than five minutes.

In the short time I was inside, I saw most of the latest trends in men’s fashion. It was after my exit that I realized that I had basically just looked into the holy grail of men’s fashion…and survived. The experience left me with several pieces of advice for the men like me, who want the fashions offered by TOPMAN, but who cannot handle the crowds, rude workers, and overwhelming amount of clothes within the store.

Although TOPMAN has over 175 stores worldwide, in places like Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas in the United States, the best place to begin is the website. TOPMAN.com is surprisingly accessible, and will allow you to shop for hours without having to deal with the stress of the store. Keep in mind TOPMAN was one of the first stores to cater directly to high fashion for men, and one of the first stores to have a tangible presence on the fashion men in several nations. The clothes styles cover anything from formal suits, to “hipster” wear, to casual fashion, and even to men’s high fashion underwear. The best part of all is that TOPMAN is not extremely pricey to begin with, and they also offer generous discounts on fashionable items in the sales potion of the website.

On the United States version of the website, TOPMAN is currently offering sales up to 70% off! As I have said in my previous articles, later in the winter season is the optimum time to buy coats. Trench coats, herringbone wool coats, and the ever-fashionable wool bomber jacket are on sale for 30-50% off. Scarves are also 50-60% off, as the winter shopping rush is over, and now they are trying to get rid of all of these winter essentials. Denim skinny jeans, trousers, chinos, and regular jeans are all on sale with massive discounts. Classics such as cardigans, offered at around $35, and TOPMAN’s signature “raw edge tee” for around $8, will probably never be found for this cheap again.

TOPMAN sets itself apart from other men’s fashion in the way that it truly does bring the styles found in the world of high fashion down to a more accessible level. With the literally hundreds of styles of clothing that TOPMAN has to offer, along with its incredible sales, the store and its website are the perfect place to start shopping for a whole wardrobe, or simply looking for bargains. For the fashionable male at any age, TOPMAN is one leader.

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