Shopping by Television- Important Tips to Bear in Mind

by Patti | February 4th, 2009 | Home Shopping

It is not uncommon to come across a product on television that grabs your attention. Whether it is a kitchen gadget, something innovative for the car or a piece of jewelry that would make a lovely birthday present for your sister, the television can be a convenient and easy way to shop that can save you from spending hours at the mall! Another big enticement of this type of shopping is that there are often advertisements for items that cannot be found in stores or online.

Shopping by way of the television can be an enjoyable and no nonsense method of getting the things you want, but it is important that you use common sense as well as caution when you do so. Read on for some important tips to bear in mind for your next television purchase.

Even if the price seems excellent for an item, make sure you figure out the shipping and handling charges before you order the item.

You should find out what the return policy of the company is.

Keep a detailed record of the purchase you have made. This means marking down the name of the company, as well as its mailing address, phone number and email address. Write down the item(s) that you have ordered, as well as the date that you placed the order. Finally, make sure the total of the order is noted and the payment method you used. The more information you jot down, the better.

If you are given a promise date for delivery, then keep a record of this

If your item is on back order write down the date that it will be available to be shipped to you.

If your goods arrive damaged, then get in touch with the company without delay. If the company instructs you to return the merchandise, then make sure that you obtain a receipt from the shipper.

Product claims are important. Pay attention to them as they usually come straight from the advertiser and do not necessarily offer an objective assessment of the item.

Investigate the claims made by the advertisers regarding the merchandise. The television station that aired the ad is likely to take little, if any, responsibility for the accuracy of the goods.

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