Shopping for a Hair Stylist

by Patti | April 30th, 2009 | Fashion

picYour hair is your crowning glory, and you want it to look fantastic when you leave a salon. Finding a stylist that does what you want her to do and one that you can communicate with well is not always easy. Some hair stylists seem to have a true talent for the work they do and want nothing more than to make each customer look her absolute best while others simply want to do their work and go home.

The key to finding a good hair stylist first starts with the salon you choose. Take a look around the salon. Does it have good ambiance? What about good lighting? Is it warm and welcoming? Is the salon neat, clean and organized? How about the stylists? What message do their physical appearances convey? What does their hair look like? How are they dressed?

In the same way, take note of the attitude and mannerisms of the stylists. If you see one who looks angry or upset, then take a guess as to the mood your hair will be in after that person gets through with it!

Take note of everything at the salon, both as you wait and once it is your turn. What color are the walls painted in? Do cheerful uplifting pictures adorn the walls? How do the stylists interact with each other? Is the salon run in an organized fashion or is it utter chaos and confusion? Another thing- many salons have a radio on or music playing. Is it at a manageable level, or do you have to talk loudly to the stylist as if you are in a bar?

Screening the salon is important in determining the talent of the stylists it hires. Find out if the salon offers an apprenticeship or an internship program when it comes to training new hair stylists. Does the salon offer any type of ongoing education (besides educations about its products) for its stylists?  Salons that encourage education are a good bet.

If you see someone with a very becoming hairstyle when you are out somewhere, don’t be shy- stop and compliment her on her hair and then ask her who she goes to. Most women will be pleased enough to offer you all of the salon help you could want!

Finally, give a salon a trial run. Book an appointment and go in for something small like a trim and see how it goes.

  1. LIZZIE says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m actually planning to change my hairstyle and I had been postponing for pretty much the reason above. How can I find a good hairstylist? I always have trouble explaining the sort of hairstyle I like and end up getting a really wrong hairstyle after that. *sigh*.. the hunt of a good hairstylist is like hunting for a good husband.. hahahahha

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