Shopping for a Stylish Summer Hat

by Patti | June 16th, 2009 | Fashion

picMany people cringe at the thought of wearing a hat in the summertime, but hats provide protection from the sun’s burning rays and can act as an anti-aging device for your skin. When shopping for a stylish hat you need to take into consideration both your face shape and the build of your body. Read on for some ideas.

Hats and Face Shape

If your face is narrow and on the long side, then choose a hat with a good sized brim on it. Straw fedoras or panama style hats are a good choice. Choose a hat where the crown is low. Solid colors and horizontal stripes are fine, but stay away from busy looking hats that feature big floral patterns or polka dots.

If your face is round, then choose a hat that features a high brim and a sharp angle. Examples of these include bucket hats. Look for a hat that has a crown and a brim that is somewhat wider than your head is. Stay away from wide and floppy hats as well as wild colors. Good color choices include navy, white, or plum.

Those with oval face shapes have the most versatility when it comes to choosing a stylish summer hat. Almost any style flatters the lady with an oval shaped face. If you like to be in fashion, then go with whatever kind of hat is in style for the summer season!

Hats and Body Frame

Those who are on the petite side need to look for hats that don’t overwhelm them. A hat that is too big or too floppy will make you look head heavy which is something you don’t want! If you tend to be short, then look for a summer hat that boasts a small brim and a small crown. Examples of these include a newsboy hat or a bakerboy cap.

If you are tall and statuesque, then a wide brimmed hat would become you. Straw fedoras and Trilby hats would look good on you. Hats with tall crowns are likely to make you look even taller. A sun hat with a low crown and brim would look good on you, as would a canvas baseball cap.

If you tend towards the feminine and curvy side, then choose a wide or full floppy brimmed hat that has vertical stripes. This will serve to balance out your figure.

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