Shopping for an Area Rug

by Patti | August 13th, 2009 | Home Shopping

picWhen shopping for an area rug it is in your best interest to buy the best quality rug you can afford. Here we provide some important tips to help you shop for an area rug.

Types of Area Rugs

Area rugs fall into different categories. These include:

•   Traditional– This type of rug makes use of a long established pattern that is Oriental, Persian or classic European in its design.
•   Transitional– Rugs that do not fall into the traditional or contemporary categories are called transitional. Examples of these include floral designs and botanical prints. A transitional rug is very versatile and will work with practically every décor.
•   Contemporary/ Modern– This type of rug boosts a non-traditional pattern that includes a wide assortment of designs. For example, free-form asymmetrical styles to architechitural geometrics. This also includes designs with stripes, squares or simple borders. The modern nature of these rugs takes into account contemporary looks that are more formal and include subtle graduations of color, and single motifs that are large scale.
•    Novelty– These rugs are fun and reflect the designer’s unique taste, personality and character. They can be pictorial, whimsical or graphic in design. Novelty rugs are most often accent rugs that can be used in practically any room of a house such as a bedroom, bathroom or family room.

Rug Sizes

Choosing the right rug size is important. When deciding what size is most suitable for a room, you first need to measure the size that the open areas take up. If you want your room to look bigger (which is a common scenario for many people), then you want the border of the area rug to reach around the perimeter of the room.

The kind of room that you have must figure into your decision, as does the types of furniture that the room contains. You don’t want your furniture to clash with any piece of furniture.

Be aware that there are no diehard rules when it comes to whether or not furniture in a room should be placed on or off the area rug. That is left up to your own discretion. It is important, however, that you properly size your room so you buy a rug that is proportional.

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