Shopping for Children’s Hats

by T Akery | February 16th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

Hats are both a necessity and an accessory. Whether you are shopping to complete your child’s Easter outfit or to keep the cold out, children’s hats are a little tricky to get the right size. Picking out the right size means measuring the circumference of your child’s head. This will help you determine which of the small, medium, or large categories you should be looking at.

There are a couple of things to remember. The size of hats found in the baby section are going to be smaller than those in the kids section. Unless you are looking specifically for a baby hat, skip this section when trying to size your child even if you have found a really cute hat that you think will fit. Chances are, you will be wasting your money on a hat that is too small.

Another thing to look at is the material of the hat. That will determine whether or not your child will keep it on. If you choose wool, think about getting a hat that is lined for maximum comfort. Wool tends to get itchy when they sweat or get hot. You should avoid wool caps if your child is allergic to them. Additionally, wool can shrink in the wash, so you will have to use care when laundering or choose a bigger size to account for shrinkage.

Even if wool isn’t your material of choice, run your fingers around the inside rim to check for sharp edges or anything that could potentially poke your child. They won’t wear the hat if it tends to prick them. You do want to periodically check the hats to make sure that nothing sticks out or that the form hasn’t deteriorated after multiple washings.

Buying a child’s hat can be a little tricky. It is better to buy them a little big rather than too small; however, for some parents, the real trick is keeping the hat on the child’s head.

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