Shopping for Clothing for Your Child

by Patti | August 25th, 2009 | Kids' Shopping

kids clothingShopping for clothing for your child, be it back to school clothing or otherwise, can be a challenging and often frustrating affair. Children outgrow their clothing at a swift pace, which can make shopping problematic. Here are some suggestions to help you when it comes to buying apparel for your little tikes.

Buy a few pieces of clothing that can serve not just one purpose but as many as possible. For example, buy a knit tee shirt in a color and style that can be worn with jeans, a pair of shorts and a pair of casual pants.

Buy a mixture of neutral colored clothing and bright colors. Depending on the style of a tee shirt, girls and boys both can wear boys tee shirts. In general, boys tee shirts tend to be cheaper as well.

The majority of your clothing budget for your kids should go into buying items that are worn the most often. This means sneakers, shoes, and coats. Outerwear and footwear are exposed to the elements and therefore often take a beating when it comes to children!

Hand-me-downs and clothing purchased in secondhand stores are not necessarily something that will thrill your children, but there is always a way to jazz up the clothing items to make them look as modern as possible. For example, you might want to add a decorative iron-on to a sweater.

Your child is growing all of the time, and therefore you need to look for styles that can worn by your child for a long period of time. Look for separates that you can mix and match. This provides plenty of clothing diversity for your child. Garments with little, if any, waistline also fit the bill, as do fabrics that are stretch woven. Summer tops with no sleeves fit into this category, as do tops with raglan. Look for cuffs that can be rolled down easily and hems that have room to be adjusted on your daughter’s dresses and skirts.

What else should you look for when buying clothing for your children?  Don’t buy clothing that is too big for the next summer or winter season. Your hope that your child will grow into it might be premature. Your child might grow faster than you expect or the clothing item might fade or become damaged before it fits properly.

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