Shopping For College

by Anna P. | July 23rd, 2009 | Home Shopping

SuitcasesIn just about a month or so, either your children (or perhaps even you) will start a new life at a university or college. Moving away from home is exciting, stressful, and even challenging. There are so many new things to learn (laundry, banking, and responsibility) that it’s just a little overwhelming for college-bound kids and their parents. And, what’s even more stressful (this time for the parents) is the shopping for college and dorm life. To make it easier, here are some tips to help.

1-Budget first. Even in a good economy, this is important. Make a list of what is needed and price compare online to get a feel of how much everything is going to cost you. Once you start a list, tally up the prices to see how much it’s going to cost.  This would be a good time to talk with your child about budgeting and money management skills.

2-Make Do With What You Have. A great way to save money is to check and make sure that you already have some of the essentials on the list. If you’ve got extra bedding, computers, and, of course, the things that they truly cannot live without.

3-Shop With Your Student (Or Parent). When it comes to shopping for the essentials it would be a good idea for both of you to do this together. The parents can give their shopping tips, and the students will make sure that they get what they want and need.

4-Learn To Save Space. Most college kids live in dorms, which are really just small rooms that they share with a roommate. Space is essential, so try to go for smaller items. If possible, try to get in touch with their future roommate, so you don’t end up buying a second television.

5-Don’t Forget The Essentials. You’ll still need to buy school supplies and even a few new clothes. Remember to account that into your budget.  Again, you don’t need to buy a lot, and you certainly can take items from home to save some money.

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