Shopping For Comfortable Pumps

by Anna P. | December 14th, 2010 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

When it comes to shopping for shoes, pumps and high heels remain supreme.  All women love a great pair of shoes that boost their height and confidence.  Of course, the perfect pair of pumps varies from person to person as we all have different styles and needs. Some want a lower heel, others want a cushioned footbed, and then there are those people who like fancy footwear with lots of embellishments. One thing that everyone can agree on is comfort. Nobody wants to wear a pair of shoes for about 12 hours a day only to come home and discover that your feet are practically killing you. Read on further for tips on how to buy a pair of pumps that feel as fabulous as they look!

1-Find Your Acurate Shoe Size

The first and most important step when it comes to selecting pumps (or any pair of shoes for that matter) is finding your correct size. Go to a shoe shop or department store to have your feet measured.  Remember that most European designers sell their shoes in European sizes, so check with a shoe size conversion chart to find your correct number. Most shoe stores and websites can assist you with this.

2- Don’t Go Too High

No matter your height, you should try to steer clear from stilettos that measure more than 4 inches. The higher you go, the higher your risk for injury or podiatry problems in the future.

3- Consider Platforms

Pumps or stilettos with a platform design tend to add more leverage and thus are more comfortable.

4- Try On The Shoes

If you’re shopping for shoes at a store, try them on right away. Stand up and take a few minutes to see how they fit. Walk around in them a little bit to get a feel for them. If they hurt your feet or feel too tight, leave the shoes at the store. If you’re buying the shoes through a website, check the return policy and try them on as soon as you get them. Follow the steps above and if they don’t fit, return them or exchange them for another size.

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