Shopping for Home Organization Furniture

by Anna P. | May 13th, 2010 | Home Shopping

Organization is a skill to be learned, but the right organizational furniture will make the task that much easier. After a thorough spring cleaning, one is left with the tedious task of reorganizing everything, so why not make it easy this year and invest in some new organizational cabinets or boxes? Make a quick list of everything you have that either doesn’t have a place to be stored properly or has yet to be organized, then determine which storage method is best for everything. From that, you’ll need to make a second list of the storage pieces you need to shop for.

Read below for some smart storage ideas for each room.

Living Room– The modern living room is so much more than just a couch and television. Today’s family rooms often have a dual purpose for entertaining guests and family bonding time, so the key here is to store everything with style. If you don’t already have a large television hutch or entertainment center, you might want to invest in a media storage cabinet. Since most storage cabinets are about the size of a book case, they are on the pricey side, but if you’ve got a lot a media to store (DVDs, CDs, video games) it’s a smart thing to buy.

Kitchen– Most kitchens already have cabinets for built-in storage, and if you’re really lucky, a pantry, too. If you need extra storage, you’ll want to make the most of the storage you already have. A few great storage items to start with include cutlery trays and roll-out cabinet storage.

Bedroom/Closet– Organizing in general is never easy, but organizing your bedroom is even a tougher task! Starting with your closet, organize your wardrobe and accessories. Remember to buy extra hangers, a shoes rack or two, and hanger storage shelves for foldable items like sweaters. If you’ve got too many clothes to store in the closet, consider buying large plastic bins with lids to store your fall and winter clothes.  Shop for large bins that fit under your bed or on the highest closet shelf.

Bathroom– Most bathrooms have limited storage, so you’ll have to make do with the cabinets under the sink. Small wicker baskets or roll-out cabinet storage areas are both good options. If you have a little extra space in your bathroom, consider a buying a small cabinet or shelve set for things like towels or bath salts.

In the end, home organizing is all about making do with what you have and making life just a little more comfortable.

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