Shopping for Men’s Haircuts

by Mackenzie M. | October 3rd, 2011 | Men's Shopping

There is one male stereotype that I will always fit into. I absolutely, positively hate getting my hair cut. It is one of the most overpriced experiences that a man (or woman) can possibly have. Okay, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but on top of really disliking the feeling of hair cuts, there is the ever-present terror the stylist will charge too much.

I have a history of haircutting issues – telling the stylist to make my bangs choppy, and the way she understood was to literally make them uneven. Or when I said I wanted to shape it up, and leave the bangs longer, and the stylist repeatedly taunted me, referring to me as “Justin Bieber” before, during, and after the haircut.

Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do this week was go to the hair stylist, and I have a suspicion that many other college-age men feel the same; however, it must be done. Here is my list of tips for men to get the most out of their haircut, and do it within the tight college student budget.

Look for deals. There is nothing in the world that peeves me more than paying more than $15 for a haircut. Unless it is a super special, or trendy location, do not pay more than $15 for a men’s haircut. Most of the time, all you need is a trim, which in my book is not worth $26. The best way to find deals is to ask your local friends where they go, or simply Google where the nearest Cost Cutters location is. Other shops also regularly offer coupon specials, so be on the lookout for those.

Tell the stylist exactly what you want. Lack of communication, and of general knowledge of hairstyles for guys, can lead to disastrous things. Figure out how you want it cut before the appointment. Also, it always helps to bring a picture of yourself, or a celebrity with the haircut that you want, as this truly does help the stylist get a vision of how you would like style.

Never settle. This is always hardest for me. We are all familiar with the awkward moment where the stylist ask you, “Is this how you wanted it?” Well, college men, it is time to start sticking up for your hair, and simply saying “no,” if it is not what you wanted. The stylist will not be offended, as it is his or her job to please you.

Tip, tip, and tip more. If you get a cheaper haircut, that frees up an extra dollar or two for the tip. Always, always tip your hair stylist. Especially if you will be returning to the same location, tipping will show the stylist that you appreciate the work. And then next time you come in, the stylist will not be tempted to “accidentally” slip with the scissors, or give you a nice bowl cut.

Remember these cardinal rules, men, and try to find the best deal!

  1. Very helpful tips. Whatever style you want for your hair, it’s good to tell your stylist how you want it to be done.

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