Shopping for New Luggage- Buy the Best

by Patti | August 31st, 2009 | Home Shopping

SuitcasesWhen you are in the market for new luggage always buy only the very best! Don’t cut corners by purchasing substandard luggage just because it carries a cheaper price tag. You don’t want to have the rollers break off your suitcase or a strap come off (especially as you dash through the airport!).

Here are some important points to consider when it comes to buying the best luggage that money can buy.

Retractable handles were an excellent invention and can make your traveling experiences a whole lot easier. However, you should not buy luggage before you first test out the handle. Try pulling it out and pushing it back in three or four times. Don’t be rough with it, but take note of whether it slides back and forth in a comfortable manner. Also notice how far the handle pulls out. Is it enough for your purposes?

The best retractable handles are also the ones that have a locking system on them. Having such reduces the chance that the handle will slide out on its own at an inopportune moment and become damaged.

The best luggage is designed with lifting handles on both the short and long sides of it. Check for this before you buy any piece of luggage. In the same way, the lifting handles should be securely attached with bolts or screws.

Look for extra stitching in areas that are high stress. For example, the gliders that attach the shoulder straps should be well stitched.

When it comes to straps for your luggage, look for ones that are wide and comfortable. They also should be well padded for ease of handling. Hang the bag on your shoulder and walk around with it for a few minutes. Imagine how it would feel if it were full. Comfort is one of the most important features to consider when shopping for new luggage.

Look for straps that are adjustable and double stitched. Do not inspect the straps just on the outside of the luggage but the inside as well. Are the inner straps made properly? Will they do their job to keep your clothes in place?

Metal zippers usually are very strong and resilient but not always the best choice as they tend to split apart with usage. Synthetic zippers would be a wiser choice, as they are made from nylon coils that interlock.

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