Shopping for Others- Making it Easier on Yourself

by Patti | June 4th, 2009 | Women's Fashion

picWhen it comes to shopping for other people, do you have any specific techniques that you use? Can you zero right in on what your mother, father, brother or sister would like, or it is a whole lot of guesswork on your part? Buying for other people is not as easy as buying for yourself, but it does not have to be excruciating. Read on for some ideas.

We buy gifts as a token of love and appreciation. We want to show others how much they mean to us, regardless of the occasion. In order to do that, you need to know what the person in question likes and does not like. The key to this is paying attention.

It has been said that if you want to know what matters most to a person take note of what they spend their money on. For example, if your mother always heads for the housewares department every time you go shopping and is always looking for something to make her home more inviting, then this is a clear indication that a gift for her home would make her very happy.

Another obvious clue is to listen to what people say. If your sister keeps mentioning that she needs a new blender or that she wants to buy a new steamer but never seems to get around to it, then she has provided you with a perfect gift giving hint!

You have heard others talk about driving defensively, but have you heard about the need to shop defensively? Learning how to shop defensively means that you are organized and planning ahead for all holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. This is especially important for the person who is not thrilled at the idea of shopping.

Of course, there always is online shopping (or shopping through a mail order catalog) but that also involves planning- often more so than trolling the malls for gift ideas! If you decide to do online shopping, then order your gifts early. Aim for at least three to four weeks before the special occasion arrives. During the busy holiday season you should order anywhere from four to eight weeks early to guarantee delivery of the goods.

If you are not a shopping genius, then you might want to take someone with you who is more of a shopping pro. Most of us know someone who fits into this category!

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