Shopping for Your Vacation Rental

by Lori Sciame | July 11th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Two weeks ago I spent a glorious week in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. Thank goodness, the owner of the condo I rented had visitors in mind when he or she outfitted the condo. We had everything we needed to make our stay enjoyable, and then some. So, if you own a vacation rental, you may want to consider what your renters really appreciate you having on hand!

1. Plenty of linens

As a family of five, we use a lot of linens. The condo we stayed in not only had plenty of towels, sheets, and such, they were fresh and new! And they even had a supply of large beach towels. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have had each family member pack a towel for the trip. In addition, they had extra blankets and pillows. Those came in handy, as my oldest child decided to sleep on a fold out couch, instead of in a bedroom.

2. Recreational items

Since we were right on the beach, the condo owner had beach chairs and beach toys available. They even had floatation devices for those who wanted to lounge in the condo’s pool. They also anticipated little ones, as they had plenty of equipment to build sand castles. Another good thing is that they didn’t skimp; they anticipated a large number of people needing such items. We even had items we didn’t use, but another family may have liked, such as tennis rackets and board games.

3. More than one TV

I know, this might sound silly for a vacation, but having more than one TV proved beneficial for our family. A few times, after a long day at the beach, my teens just wanted to “chill”’ in front of the TV, and so did my husband and I. It seemed like a luxury to have three TV’s. As far as the type of TV, it didn’t matter to my kids that they were the “old” box TV’s and not flat screens…they were just glad they worked.

4. A fully equipped kitchen

I can’t say enough about the kitchen in this condo. It was clean, and it had everything we needed to cook meals, from breakfast to dinner. And because this condo was located in southern Florida, it had items available to make specialty drinks, everything from a powerful blender to a juicer for lemons and limes. It is funny, the only thing missing from the kitchen was a pizza cutter; I made due with one of the many knives available.

5. Several seating areas

When outfitting this condo, the owners realized that several seating areas would make renters happy. There were two large areas to congregate as a family, as well as several more intimate seating areas for two or three people. The owners also chose heavy duty materials for the furniture, as visitors would most likely be wet from the beach or pool.

6. Homey touches

These smart owners also included homey touches, such as tissues, laundry soap, DVD’s, and books.

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