Shopping In Savannah

by Anna P. | September 9th, 2009 | Home Shopping

Savannah_river_streetSavannah is a small city located in southeast Georgia. Despite the fact that the town caters mostly to those who seek history, avid shoppers will find just about anything their hearts desire. From the boutiques in downtown to the shopping centers in southside Savannah,  the choices go beyond antiques (although you will find plenty of that, too). Here is a look at some of the best shopping Savannah has to offer, which includes local boutiques and antique shops. Most of this is located downtown, also known as the Historic District, so I’ll start there.

River Street is a  cobblestone street that looks out onto the Savannah River. A must-see for any tourist, you’ll find plenty of shops that cater to visitors, but you’ll find some candy shops and other worthwhile shops including apparel and book shops. Highlights include the River Street Market Place, which is a lot like a flea market, except they specialize in imported products from around the world including Australia and Japan. You will find plenty of souvenirs made in the south.

Moving up north, Broughton Street is a major street has a pleasant mix of locally owned boutiques and chain shops, including the Gap and the city’s only Banana Republic. Savannah’s City Market was a flea market at one time, but now it’s one of the leading entertainment and shopping districts, appealing to both locals and visitors. A few choice shops include Time After Time (which sells accessories, jewelry, and watches), and Scented by Nature, a fragrance shop that sells perfume and scents for the home.

Last but not least, head down south to the malls (which are about 10 miles apart from each other, but both warrant a visit). Oglethorpe Mall is an upscale shopping plaza that has a variety of shops including Macy’s, Belk, and even Barnes and NobleSavannah Mall has some chain stores, but they also have quite a few locally owned clothing and gift  shops like Event and Creations From The Heart.

Come to Savannah for shopping paradise!

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