Shopping Online for Clothes

by Junou Mathieu | May 17th, 2011 | Fashion

The advantages of shopping online are many. Tired of never ending traffic, parking, and through the roof gas prices? By shopping for clothes and shoes online, you don’t have to leave your home – unless you count taking one step out the door to get your package as going outside.

Looking for plus size clothing or even vintage clothing? You most likely won’t find these items in stores such as Kohls, JCPenny, or Macys. When it comes to Mod/Retro clothing, you’ll have better luck at online stores like Modcloth.com. Basically, if you’re looking for something unique without any hassle, buying clothes online is the best option for you.

Since eCommerce mostly sprouted during the last decade, many people are still unfamiliar with buying online. Fortunately, buying clothing online is fairly easy once you master the basics. Here are some tips that will prevent you from making possibly pricy mistakes.

Measure Yourself

Obviously, when it comes to buying online, you won’t be able to try on clothes to see if they fit or if they look good on you. A big mistake that many people make when purchasing clothes online is not being aware of their size. Wouldn’t it be horrible to buy a whole wardrobe of clothes, wait two weeks for the clothing to come, only to find out that nothing fits?

Fortunately, you can prevent this by getting measured regularly. Even if you do know your size, you may buy clothing that doesn’t fit sometimes (nothing beats trying clothes on), but it definitely won’t be an every day thing.

If you don’t want to waste your money or go through the hassle of returning clothing, you should always have the measurements of your waist, chest, hips, inseam, and arm length handy at all times.

Be an Informed Shopper

Being an informed shopper goes for shopping offline too. Before purchasing clothing from an online retailer, you should read their FAQ and their fine print. If they don’t have both of these things, you probably shouldn’t buy from them.

Their fine print and FAQ should answer queries and concerns dealing with shipping, return policies, payment security, and any guarantees. You should never buy clothing online from a company that doesn’t have a method in place to protect your credit card information, even if their products are cheaper.

Shipping Rates

One of the reasons why Amazon is so popular is because of the shipping rates. Most of their products are eligible for free 3 to 5 day shipping, which is a really good deal, considering how expensive shipping can get. Take advantage of retailers who offer discounts and bulk rates.

Be Realistic

Many people end up buying clothes online that they would never buy in brick and mortar stores. Although yellow may look fabulous on the model in the picture, don’t assume it will definitely look good on you. Don’t let pictures fool you, only buy clothes that you know will look good on you.

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