Shopping Online Without a Credit Card- It Can be Done!

by Patti | November 12th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

laptop (2)If you have tried to rent a car or book a flight without a credit card, then you know how difficult it can be. Now that online shopping has become as popular and as convenient as it has, the same applies. Without a credit card you sometimes feel as if you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle! Worse yet, you wonder if you are the only one!

Rest assured that you are not the only person in the world who does not possess a credit card. Whether you do not qualify for a credit card or simply do not want to shop online with one, you have other options. Read on to find what they are.

Before you order anything online look over the site to find out what payment options are available. Plenty of companies are coming to realize that they will attract more business if they offer a variety of flexible payment options, as opposed to just payment by credit card. For example, some online merchants offer a “Bill Me Later” option and will allow you to mail a check for a purchase. Always check before you begin your shopping spree, though!

Check in your local drug stores and other retail stores for disposable MasterCard or Visa debit cards. These can be purchased in different denominations so you buy what is appropriate for you. You use the card in the same way you use a regular credit card until you have spent all of the money on it.

A PayPal account is an excellent way to do your shopping online. Many online shopping venues accept PayPal as a form of payment. Visit http://www.paypal.com for more information. It is free to sign up. PayPal offers its own debit cards, so if you don’t want to make a purchase directly from your PayPal account, then one of their debit cards is another option available to you.

Some local department stores in your area sell gift cards that can be used when you are doing your shopping online. For example, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Walgreen’s are three such stores that offer this option.

E-checks are the online equivalent of paper checks. Many online shopping sites will allow you to pay this way. All you do is provide certain information, and the check is processed electronically. It is very simple and easy!

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