Shopping Safety

by Joe Lawrence | April 1st, 2010 | Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion

Every single time I go to a store, I see people who are easy targets for criminals.  As a life-long martial artist, I always am looking for situations that could unfold.  Especially now as a husband and father, my senses are heightened.

There are many examples.  First while walking down different aisles in the store, the unattended purse.  I see a woman with her back to the cart looking on the shelves with a sizable space between her and the carriage.  It would be very easy for me to walk past and grab the purse or even the wallet sticking out on top.  Put your purse in the basket or keep it closed and zipped to help deter thieves.

Another thing I see is parked cars in dark lots.  When you go to the mall or store, park under a light or as close to one as you can get and in plain view of the store doors.  This is something we don’t think about when we go to the store just before dusk.  It is light when we go in, but dark when we come out.  Parking under a light in sight of the doors, deters a mugger because it is easy to be seen by many.  Avoid parking around the corner where most people would not see you.

A mistake people make is showing off all of their technology ‘bling.’  Do not leave iPods or Nav Systems out in clear view.  This makes you an easy target for crooks with little time.

In the military we learn to not be a target.  Even though we may be full of fear as we walk, on the exterior you have to look invincible.  Walk with confidence and not like a timid school girl.  The wolves target the slower sheep.  Don’t be that one.

After you load your car, some people walk half a row away to put their cart back.  When you do, take your keys and lock the door.  Prevent the easy “snatch and grab” of the stuff you just put in the car.

Please, be more aware of your actions the next time you’re shopping.

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