Shopping with the Family at William-Sonoma

by Michele | September 18th, 2008 | Home Shopping, Kids' Shopping

My family members are foodies!  We love to cook and eat.  And even more than that, we love to talk and think about cooking and eating.  So when our family gets a chance to go to William-Sonoma, we jump at the chance.  We play with the gadgets.  We eat the samples, and we talk about what we want to make at home.  We talk about our favorite Food Network stars and the gadgets that they use in the kitchen.

On a trip there recently, we picked up two gadgets: a single egg poacher and a meat tenderizer that has retractable spikes.

The short feedback is that the egg poacher looks cooler than it is.  It has to be sprayed heavily or coated in butter to prevent the egg from sticking.

The meat tenderizer was something that we saw on Emeril Live.  With a great number of sharp spikes, Emeril even joked that you should keep it away from pets and children!  The spikes are cool and did a great job tenderizing a flank steak when I tested it.  This was our winner from that day’s shopping adventure.

Food gadgets and my family are a great combination.   What shopping sparks excitement in your family?

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