Shopping with Tweens

by Michele | March 4th, 2010 | Kids' Shopping

As a mom of teens and tweens, I have experienced several shopping trips with them and have learned much from my kids.  To help other parents, I have asked my 12 year old daughter, Sam, to share some hints on how to make a shopping trip enjoyable for both mom and tween.

Sam: First, parents should ask their tweens where they want to shop. Once you get to the store, give them a bit of breathing room, and let them wonder off to look at stuff.  If you always are breathing down their neck, they may not buy what they want to buy.  They may feel like they can buy only what you suggest.

Michele: I agree that tweens need some space.  However, as a parent, I have two disagreements with your statement.  One, I may think that a piece of clothing you chose is not appropriate.  Two, you may choose an item that costs more than I am willing to spend.

Sam: I completely agree.  Kids should check with their parents before they go to the cash register.  If your parents don’t like it, you would be embarrassed to learn this in front of the cashier.

Michele: Seems like a fair plan.  Room for the tween to choose.  Veto power for the parent.

Sam: Second, parents, when your kids go to the dressing room to try on an item, don’t go into the actual dressing room with them.  Wait outside because if your kid thinks it’s ok and fits, she will come out to show it to you.

Michele: We really don’t want to be cramped in a dressing room with you anyway.  So, as long as you show us the item, we are fine with waiting outside.

Sam: Before you go to the cash register, discuss the price.  If your budget is fifty dollars and your child wants to buy a jacket that is fifty dollars, talk with them.  Explain that he could get three shirts on sale for that price or just one jacket.

Michele: Yes, it is important to learn about budgets.  Sometimes it is worth getting only one item because it is something special, and other times it is better to get more items.

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