Shopping with Your Child

by Valerie Mae Diola | November 11th, 2008 | Kids' Shopping

As I was going out of the mall, I saw a sales attendant talking to a crying little boy. He was lost and couldn’t find his mommy. I always see this kind of scenario in the shopping mall and often ask myself, “Are those mothers so engrossed in shopping that they forgot they have a kid with them?”

To all the moms who love to shop, here are some pointers to remember:

  1. Don’t bring your kids along with you if you can’t watch them. In my country, most mothers bring their nannies along with them so that they can do their shopping while the nannies watch over their kids.
  2. Leave your kids at home, if possible. If you’re occupied in choosing what designer shoes or bags you want to buy, you sometimes forget your child. Some kids wander around while their moms are still busy choosing something to buy. So, by the time the mom remembers, the child is already gone.
  3. In some malls, there are areas where you can leave your kids to play; some also will watch your kids and you pay them by the hour. Leave your kids there and fetch them when you’re already done shopping. In this way, your kids will enjoy their stay in the mall while you’re also enjoying shopping.

These are only some of the safety reminders I have while shopping with your kids. I know some mothers also have their own safety ideas while shopping with their kids. So, for the meantime, remember these pointers I gave you, and let’s wait for other mothers to add their own safety tips, too.

  1. fit4all says:

    i agree all of these..mother need to keep on eye to their child if not better not to bring!:)

  2. Tilt says:

    I am a mom – and agree with the leaving the kid home idea. Although, unfortunately, that is rarely possible. Nannies would be awesome! I know no one who could even begin to think about affording one (rare her in the US except for the upper-upper class)

    The only time I can think of where I “lost” my kid was holiday rush when he bolted out of my hand & through the crowd. I was right behind him, but I could not believe the nuimber of people who would not let me pass. Even after I said I was trying to get to my kid, who happened to be small enough to slip through everyone’s legs. SO – if you ever have a frazzled looking woman trying to weave by you – if she says she’s trying to get to her kid – please step aside 🙂

    And trust me – nothing is better than shopping solo!!!! Oh the shoes to be found 🙂
    hmmm…wonder if I can get hubby to stay home – I could use some new shoes 😉

  3. wiregems says:

    I can’t even imagine “forgetting” my child. The rule has always been that he has to stay where I can see him. He’s almost 9 now, and he hates not being able to go to the next aisle or whatever by himself, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry!

  4. Twinks says:

    I live in a country where hiring a nanny is affordable. I always take the nanny with me when I’m going shopping. Kids like to wander around and they easily get bored. Great tips and all true. Thanks for the share :]

  5. Nita says:

    You made a good point here. I agree that if you can’t watch your kids while shopping, better leave them a safe place like home. We have a 3 1/2 years old and we always tell her to stay by our side wherever we go. She behaves really well 🙂

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