Small IS More

by Candi Sparks | April 29th, 2011 | Kids' Shopping

Young children love handling coins and money.  Offer a child money, and they almost can’t keep themselves from snatching it when it appears.  When they are learning the value of coins, they often mistake a dime as being worth less than a quarter.  They think that the smaller the size of the coin, the lesser the value.  Parents and teachers often have to reinforce that the dime is worth more, until the child can accept it as the truth.

When children learn that “small is more,” it can be a highly empowering lesson that goes beyond counting coins.  For example, a small sized person is capable of great things, and a smaller sized plate can be healthier than a bigger (loaded) plate.  A small dog can bring as much enjoyment as a bigger dog, and a small home can contain as much happiness as a sprawling mansion.

One of the lessons that we are learning is to live within our means to become financially stable.  Our former mentality that “bigger is better” has moved to “right sizing” our lifestyles.  The valuable lesson for our children is that we can appreciate the higher value of having something smaller.  Money is an abstract concept that is becoming more concrete even in our adult lives.

“Small is more” is a great money lesson for children and adults – beyond the value of coins!

Candi Sparks is the author of  “Can I Have Some Money?” the children’s money book series and is a financial literacy consultant.  Her books are available on amazon.com and other e commerce websites.  She is on FaceBook and Twitter (Candi Sparks, author)


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