Smart Shopping…Carts?

by Louise | January 28th, 2008 | Shopping Secrets

Everyone talks about smart shopping. There are smart shoppers and, well, not so smart shoppers. There are smart buys and deals that you need to take, and others that you need to avoid. Recently, I heard of something new, smart shopping carts.

Smart shopping carts? That’s right. MediaCart and Microsoft have come together and designed the shopping cart of the future. The future, in this case, is just this upcoming summer.

What makes these new carts smart? The shopping cart comes equipped with a screen with a very intriguing system built into it. If you have a shopping list, you will be able to type it up at home, so you don’t forget to purchase those Lacoste Trainers. With a card, you will be able to upload your list onto the cart! It will even help you find what you’re looking for in the store. All the deals and coupons that you normally collect at home are found directly on the database. This will eliminate the paper trail, while guaranteeing you all the deals, all the time.

These carts will also eliminate something bigger and more important than coupons: the check-out lines. How? The smart carts have built in scanners. You can scan and bag your goods, such as items for bathrooms, while you shop. The check-out becomes a 12-second process. Your cart is “read,” you swipe your card, and you are free to go. What I like best about this idea is that you are able to know your subtotal before you get to the check-out. I hate when a surprisingly large total comes onto the screen. With the scan and bag technology, I’ll be able to know exactly what I’m in for.

Although they should be hitting stores in half a year, I don’t expect to see them everywhere, and they probably won’t be your only option for shopping. If you like the way you shop now, then I don’t think there’s any need to worry. I, on the other hand, think I’m ready for these carts of the future. Are you?

Source: CNN

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