Smart Watches: Practical, Functional & Fashionable

by R. Carnavale | July 25th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

watch (400x399)Watches are an often-overlooked fashion accessory, but they’re important because they can lend you status and maturity and make a fashion statement while they help you keep track of the time. Android smart watches that are an extension to your smartphone are trending right now. The market is still in its infancy and though wearing a computer on your wrist might be a bit geeky, smart watches are oh-so-practical and high-tech, and there’s at least one designer who’s managed to make a fashion statement them. Given how a smart watch works in tandem with your smartphone, you can expect much of the same functionality, including voice mail, a built-in camera, organizational apps and, in at least one case, the ability to make and receive phone calls.

The latest trend in Android-operated watches, which work in tandem with your smartphone, offer everything from hands-free voice mail commands, messages and alerts displays to smartphone camera controls. As might be expected with a computer for your wrist, current styles look a bit scientific; fortunately, the i’m Watch Smartwatch from Italy has managed to combine both aesthetics and Android functionality. The i’m Watch retails for $349 and it’s available in black, white, yellow, red and blue. The i’m Watch Smartwatch has a 400 MHz single-core CPU, 128MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage (which functions like a thumb drive that easily mounts on to your computer) and the smart watch works with an iPhone or Android devices with Bluetooth tethering enabled. Amazingly, the i’m Watch Smartwatch can even make and receive calls from the watch itself.

The Pebble Steel smart watch stands out from the pack because it doesn’t look like smart watch. It’s made from stainless steel and Corning Gorilla glass and the watch has a tricolor status LED and several leather and metal watch band options. The Pebble Steel is fully compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and all Pebble apps, its battery lasts an amazing 5-7 days without recharging and the metal band version of the watch is waterproof so that you can wear it while you’re swimming or washing dishes. The Pebble Steel smart watch retails for $229 to $249.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is hot right now and it has an 800 MHz processor, 4GB internal memory plus 512 MB RAM, Bluetooth connectivity, a 1.63-inch display, auto focus camera with video playback and recording options, Samsung apps, and an eBay app that allows you to complete all your eBay transactions with ease. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is available in black, white, wild orange, rose gold, lime green and mocha gray and retails for $149 to $229.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Apple has an iWatch in development and the product is expected to retail for $300 when it’s released.

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